Raising Awareness Thru ARTEdit

Making art using recycled materials is not only a fun and interesting thing to do, but it is also very environmentally friendly; it reduces our waste output by turning seemingly insignificant things into art that isn’t a waste of space. By educating people on how to create these arts, they will find a purpose for the rubbish and not simply chuck them away.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Youths, as education starts from young, and they are the most easily influenced at that stage of their lives. ART: 1) Plastic Cutlery Windmill (


  • Some plastic Cutlery
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Plastic Plate


  • First, cut the string into lengths from 10cm to 15cm
  • Then, tie the string to the ends of the cutlery.
  • Next poke some holes into the paper plate, thread the string through and tie a knot in each piece.
  • Finally, fasten three pieces of string to the top of the plate.
  • Optional: decorate the paper plate with crayons, paint, markers or paper.

2) Plastic Cup Snake Materials:

  • 6-10 disposable cups
  • Pantyhose leg, or a thin stocking
  • Waste Newspapers
  • Sharp pencil
  • Markers


  • Poke a hole at the bottom of each cup.
  • Thread the pantyhose or stocking through each hole in the cup, tying the both ends of the pantyhose.
  • Tie the pantyhose at the front end of the snake with a bit sticking out to form the snake’s tongue
  • You can use newspapers to fill the cups so that they do not crumple so easily.

Of course, these are reference material, and part of research. The real deal is coming up with something creative and creating art to raise awareness out of it.

E.G. Using different materials to create furniture

If we are able to accomplish that, it is possible to sell the furniture and hence raise awareness while generating income, which will be further used with the motive of helping the environment.

Another possibility is to create a game or multimedia


  • Card Game
  • Board Game
  • Flash animations
  • Flash applications
  • Movie (or short film)

Should we decide to proceed with creating a materialistic “thing”, it can be done with saving the environment in mind, i.e. using recycled materials, or environmentally friendly materials. A fusion of ideas can also be implemented, with the product being a “set” or “kit” containing animations and games alike. These can be distributed to schools and the like.

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