Category: Waste Management

Purpose: To obtain Methane from animal waste


Methane (CH4) is a natural gas that can also be extracted from the Waste of animals. This not only reduces animal waste by putting it to good use, it generates a useful source of natural gas.


Methane is a gas with a wide number of uses.

1. Being easily combustible, it can serve the needs of combustion should one arises

2. Methane is commonly used as a natural fuel and some even speculated that it can replace oil in the next 50 years

3. In the chemical industry, it is a feedstock of choice for the creation of hydrogen as well as many other gases

4. Currently, the sources of methane for mankind stem from natural gas fields (mainly). We aim to make animal waste another major source of methane


To obtain Manure:

Swine,Beef and Dairy cows produce slurry form and poultry produce solid manure. Solid produced with bedding to absorb moisture or when the manure dries. It is collected by sraping and stuff.

Handled in trucks which fragmentation devices.

To obtain the Faeces, the floor where the poultry resides in should be filled with holes so the poop can just fall through and be collected with ease. Transported in trucks or pipes for shorter distances Produced when manure is washed out of the stall into the lagoon. Or from runoff entering a lagoon. – cleans the stall as well as obtain manure.

Conversion to Methane:

The manure is fermented anaerobic-ally, causing a chemical reaction that result in methane. This methane can then be transported via underground tubes to a storages area which can channel the methane to needed users


Very Feasible. There is a wide interest for methane as well as its production. Therefore, there is a lot of available information to make use of. Although not entirely original, no one has proposed making methane farming from Animal waste as a main source of methane. Furthermore, there is a Biology Raffles Academy Student in the group which will greatly facilitate the creation of the proposal.

Ideas to do with Poop.Edit

Poop (Decomposed- anaerobic etc.) as fuel. Make Products such as pencil boxes, tyres, boxes, fodder.

Poop is a type of Fertiliser to be used in farming. The Poop is pumped into the ground and plants are grown above it, reducing odor, retaining more nutrients and decreasing the potential for runoff.

it is easier to pump but might use same equipment as slurry to reduce plugging.

It is used to treat like water, the water from runoff ponds it used to water the area via irrigation.

Mix it with footing in your arena, round-pen and riding trails to soften and deepen the footing. Who needs bark?

It is used to make organic fly repellent. If you have the room, spread horse manure in a single layer across a large area and turn it a few times. Once it is dry (lightweight and papery), pile it up and burn it to create fly-repelling smoke.

It de-ices paddocks, runs and even your driveway. Decomposing manure creates impressive amounts of heat, even in the dead of winter. Dip into the core of your manure pile and spread the toasty-warm remains on inconvenient icy patches.

It is used to fill holes and low spots with manure. Toss manure and even shavings in there and pack it down. Continue to add manure, as it settles, until you have leveled your land.</nowiki>

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