1:50 pm • Caleb, Jiahe, TarLeng and Fang Shuo gathered outside Com Lab 4. • Si Kai is absent because he has a badminton match.

2:10 pm • We entered Com Lab 4 for RE meeting. • Jiahe and Fang Shuo went to further research on their area. • TarLeng and Caleb set up a Wiki so that we can record our discussions on. • TarLeng and Caleb uploaded our research onto the Wiki

2:35 pm • TarLeng and Caleb started on the group project proposal. • TarLeng and Caleb uploaded Si Kai’s research onto the Wiki.

2:50 pm • Jiahe and Fang Shuo uploaded their completed research onto the Wiki.

3:00 pm • Caleb, Jiahe, TarLeng, Fang Shuo started discussing the final research topic and question.

3:25 pm • We narrowed down the scope to 3 different possible areas of research, namely coming up with a game as part of raising social awareness, coming up with a device which would filter or eliminate second hand smoke as part of reducing air pollution and coming up with a device or strategy to reuse and recycle animal manure as part of improving waste management.


There was no RE meeting because TarLeng, Fang Shuo and our RE mentor, Mr Teo, had to attend a match support. Si Kai had to go for badminton match.


We refined the work scope and divided the workload.


We tested out the feasiblity of the game and further our research.


We decided not to enter the computer lab to prevent any further distraction. As we have realised that Cluedo game is not possible and practical, we decided to come up with other alternatives and experiment with them. Firstly, over the weekends, each of us came up with an alternative idea and familiarise ourselves with them. During the meeting, we tried out Caleb's game, somewhat similar to the language game, Taboo. We debated amongst ourselves and discovered that this game would be really hard to implement and create. Then, we tried TarLeng's idea, somewhat similar to Monopoly, and we settled with it after many rounds of debates. We then divided the workload, with Jiahe and Fang Shuo in charge of the content for the game, Caleb and Si Kai will be doing up the rules and regulations whereas TarLeng would be cdesigning it.

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